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**To protect your body, we can only allow late arrivals up to 10 minutes**


SAVITRI VINYASA FLOW: A Vinyasa class that is accessible to all! The Savitri Flow class is a positive, loving, safe and peaceful space where one can dive deep spiritually AND transform physically as well as on many other levels. A place where both the spiritual seeker and the physical fitness seeker can both receive teachings for the soul, get physically stronger, more aligned, flexible, and closer to their goals. OPEN LEVEL

HATHA YOGA: A slow moving class that is perfect for beginners, as well as anyone hoping to deepen their bodies' work within the Asanas. A classical Hatha practice in the style of Sivananda - Class begins with Pranayama breathing and continues with a sequence of poses all being held for longer amounts of time, opening up the body both physically and emotionally. Class always ends with meditation and a longer relaxation. OPEN LEVEL, VERY BEGINNER FRIENDLY

*New* SLOW FLOW: Join Kate every Tuesday for a methodical Vinyasa class that encourages you to take the time to really get to know your practice. Approach your flow in a slower way, allowing you to explore your body's needs throughout. Gain insight on poses through thorough explanations of their makeup, and enjoy the full benefits of each posture through holding poses for longer amounts of time, allowing you to open yourself deeply. OPEN LEVEL, VERY BEGINNER FRIENDLY

SUNRISE FLOW: An invigorating hour long flow class that uses dynamic breath and continuous movement, leaving you revitalized, energized and inspired! OPEN LEVEL

POWER EXPRESS FLOW: We've condensed our Savitri Vinyasa Flow into a powerful 45-minute practice specifically formulated to fit into your pre-workday exercise regime or lunch break (7 am and 12:05pm).  Power Express Flow offers you the opportunity to stretch, align and strengthen, leaving you ready to take on your day. OPEN LEVEL

CANDLE LIT FLOW: Join Elizabeth every Thursday for an opportunity to practice in an atmosphere that promotes an even deeper letting go. This hour-long flow will give you the opportunity to work out the happenings of your day physically on the mat, and then deeply, deeply relax in a candle lit haven. OPEN LEVEL


SAVITRI BARRE SCULPT: Savitri NYC's most popular fitness class. A powerful mix of Ballet Barre movement, Pilates Mat exercises and glute burning work with props. Savitri Barre Sculpt is designed to tone and strengthen, providing a challenging workout for the legs, seat and core. OPEN LEVEL

TRX: A whole-body suspension workout! Savitri's TRX will strengthen your entire body and leave you feeling more alive and fully empowered. All levels are welcomed; a detailed explanation of the equipment is given every class!  *Sneakers Required OPEN LEVEL

*New* SALSA DANCE ON2: Join Jess and Savitri's newest teacher, Cesar Mambo, for an hour-long salsa technique class. Students will learn salsa dance 'on2' or, 'New York Style', in a supportive and fun setting! All levels welcome. *Please wear smooth-soled shoes OPEN LEVEL

LATIN DANCE CARDIO: Join Savitri's team of professional dancers whose credits include the Radio City Rockettes and FUERZA BRUTA for an extraordinary and exciting dance experience. Learn Salsa on 2, Bachata, and Merengue in this cardio-based workout that will leave your waist smaller, your abs toned, and your spirit high! For ALL levels, this workout is 55 minutes of non-judgemental, hip shaking, sweat-drenched FUN! Come join the dance revolution at Savitri NYC! *Sneakers Required OPEN LEVEL

PULSE+RELEASE: Introducing the incredibly unique hybrid of BARRE and VINYASA. Join Jess for this fun and challenging 50 minute workout consisting of the ab-toning and leg-shaking burn of barre, joined with the sweet flow of yoga. OPEN LEVEL

BURN+SUSPEND: The world of deep core work meets the world of strength training through suspension under the instruction of knowledgeable Pilates and TRX certified instructors. This unique workout is deliberately designed to integrate classical Pilates exercises with suspension work on the TRX. Done barefoot, this 50-minute workout smartly hybrids two amazing techniques into one dynamic workout. OPEN LEVEL